About Us

You run a charity. It’s a wonderful cause.

You and your supporters know how profoundly important your cause is.

But the field is crowded—there are so many worthwhile causes, and in the current economic downturn the competition for funding is truly fiercer than ever before.

So what about the Internet? You have a terrific cause and a great website all about it, but frankly, the donations aren’t exactly pouring in. So how do you truly maximize the Internet for fund raising?

How about a partner for online auctions, you muse…yes, that could work, that could work spectacularly ...if that partner had it all, could do it all.

But what exactly would that take, you wonder.

What would the absolutely ideal online auction partner bring to the table?

  • The online auction expert would be someone immersed in computers since childhood.
  • Someone who ran a multi-million dollar Internet business in their twenties.
  • He or she would be an actual, authentic eBay guru—someone who has worked for eBay teaching their seminars, maybe even authored a popular eBay how-to book, someone who personally knows ebay managers and honchos right up to the very top, who can pick up the phone and talk to eBay’s CEO…Wait, is this daydream getting out of control? Read on…
  • Ideally this eBay expert would also be based in Los Angeles, with heavy hitting personal, and business, connections with high profile celebrities, the studios, and organizations such as the Motion Picture Academy, the Screen Actors Guild, The Emmys…someone who has actually been in “the business” themselves, on the front lines, let’s say as a manager of prominent actors. Hold on—now this is getting crazy—is there such a person? Read on…
  • This dream partner is not only tuned into charitable causes, he actually founded a charitable foundation himself—he has a dream too, so he has a profound understanding of yours- your hopes, your dream, and your challenges.
  • Your ideal fund raising partner has been a marketing executive too, from print and TV to the biggest trade shows in the country. He’s a celebrated public speaker, and he’s hip. He’s at ease (and welcome) in the board rooms of Fortune 500 corporations, while he was a guerrilla and viral marketer long before those terms even existed.

Well, no one person could possibly bring all that to the table, you’re thinking.
Just a daydream, way too good to be true.

Or is it?

All the points above, every single one, in every detail, actually describe Christopher Spencer, the visionary founder of KindleCause.