Mission Statement

Pro bono strategic marketing, specifically in Internet auctions, has emerged as an enormous opportunity that has the potential to massively strengthen both nonprofit sectors and their partners’ positive exposure.

According to the Bill Gates Foundation, there is currently a $1.5 billion opportunity for pro bono strategic marketing efforts. In addition, Cause Marketing.CA states that cause marketing is the new corporate nonprofit engagement, a nonprofit mission-based fundraising and marketing tool, and a growing corporate marketing and social responsibility discipline. Today, well over $1.4 billion is spent on cause marketing in North America, and it provides over $4 billion of marketing support for causes annually. And it’s growing – over 65% in the past three years!

Analysis of the fundraising environment clearly demonstrates that the already highly aggressive competition for available charitable dollars will be ever more challenging.

At KindleCause we believe that charitable fundraising and Internet auction sites such as eBay are a match made in heaven. Simply put, there is no other site on the worldwide Internet with higher name recognition than eBay. And because of its stratospheric profile, eBay provides literally priceless, and profoundly positive, exposure for both charities raising funds through eBay auctions, and their partners. Both charities and their partners, donors of goods or services to be auctioned online, whether corporate, institutional, or individuals, benefit from incomparable free public relations coups—and rightly so—they are, with KindleCause’s expertise, maximizing fundraising for wonderful causes. What could be better?

KindleCause’s mission is to facilitate, on the highest level imaginable, this partnership between charitable organizations, their partners and donors, and online auction sites such as eBay; to maximize both the funds raised and the unparalleled public relations potential of the Internet. Our founder and staff bring decades of Internet auction, marketing, and public relations expertise to cause marketing. We believe that KindleCause is uniquely qualified for this mission.