KindleCause is a recognized leader in online auctions for charitable causes. We support our clients, and their partners and donors, by creating and managing high profile, high quality, and high value charity campaigns and auctions on the Internet.
We can manage every aspect of your auctions, every detail from beginning to end, including:

  • Campaign Creation, Marketing and Media
  • Bidder Prequalification and Security
  • Industry Standard Customer Service
  • Secure Storage & Fulfillment
  • Detailed Auction Reporting
  • Chaperone and Celebrity/Winner Interaction

Campaign Creation:

With a potent mix of traditional and innovative, outside-the-box marketing methodology, KindleCause services have the flexibility to market virtually anything on the Internet effectively, and to easily custom tailor our services to the needs of our clients—we’re great listeners!

Marketing Communications:

With copywriters from some of the top ad agencies in the world, PR specialists, auction listers skilled in research, award winning photographers, connected celebrity strategists, and seasoned event experts on tap, KindleCause is loaded with media savvy.
From brainstorming concept creation to knowing exactly what keywords will draw the highest bidders to that obscure old painting donated to your charity, we find the most powerful media solutions for you. And that includes total utilization of viral and guerilla marketing too- we’re hip to Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, all the blogs and boards that count... you’ll love it when our mentioning that old painting in that one Internet chat room just for fans of Pre-Raphaelite art brings jaw-dropping bids—but that’s why you get the big bucks. And of course it’s great PR too—the media loves that high ticket painting out of an attic, and when it comes to miles-per-story, nobody does it better than KindleCause.

Customer Service:

High profile auctions generate a lot of interest, and often a LOT of questions. KindleCause’s team is experienced and skilled in handling any questions prospective buyers may have.

Bidder Pre-Qualification:

Is that winning bid valid? Unfortunately, high profile auctions can be susceptible to bidder fraud. That’s why KindleCause pre-screens bidders to ensure that they are viable, with funds available for the purchase.

Background checks:

Beyond having the funds, charities and their sponsors want to know that the winning bidder is supportive of their cause. KindleCause will run a background check on winning bidders to make sure that your good PR won’t go wrong at an event.


A 200 pound, two-hundred-year-old crystal chandelier? A Lance Armstrong autographed bike? Unique items get the most attention for your clients, but getting them safely to the winning bidder can be a hassle. KindleCause can provide verification of authenticity, and get the item delivered securely to the buyer.


Who won the auction? How many bidders on my item? Exactly how much exposure did the auction get—how many page views? Once the auction is over, charities and their partners want to know their goals were met, and KindleCause’s reporting package gives our clients the information they need.


We always follow up. To thank you, to answer any questions you may have, to analyze your auctions; to brainstorm with you, trade ideas and suggestions, and hopefully, to plan for the future.