About Us

You run a charity. It’s a wonderful cause.

You and your supporters know how profoundly important your cause is.

But the field is crowded—there are so many worthwhile causes, and in the current economic downturn the competition for funding is truly fiercer than ever before.

So what about the Internet? You have a terrific cause and a great website all about it, but frankly, the donations aren’t exactly pouring in. So how do you truly maximize the Internet for fund raising?

The Criminal State of Commercial Fundraising

I was incredibly shocked during my research of commercial fundraisers to learn what a very large percentage of donated funds go to the for profit commercial fundraising agencies hired by legitimate nonprofits registered in California.

The fact is that many nonprofits receive single digit percentages from the millions of dollars raised each year by commercial for-profit agencies. Where does the rest of the money go? Overhead I presume, or salaries of people doing the fundraising work I would hypothesize.


KindleCause is a recognized leader in online auctions for charitable causes. We support our clients, and their partners and donors, by creating and managing high profile, high quality, and high value charity campaigns and auctions on the Internet.
We can manage every aspect of your auctions, every detail from beginning to end, including:

  • Campaign Creation, Marketing and Media
  • Bidder Prequalification and Security
  • Industry Standard Customer Service
  • Secure Storage & Fulfillment
  • Detailed Auction Reporting
  • Chaperone and Celebrity/Winner Interaction

Mission Statement

Pro bono strategic marketing, specifically in Internet auctions, has emerged as an enormous opportunity that has the potential to massively strengthen both nonprofit sectors and their partners’ positive exposure.

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